Capital Credits Early Retirement

What happens to allocations for members who have passed away or moved outside of the service area?
Capital credits allocated to Delta Electric members always belong to that member, even if they move outside of the co-op’s service area or pass away. Delta Electric now offers two options for former members who move outside of the service area or for the families of members who have passed away.

Option 1 – Former members will receive capital credit retirements as they are retired through the general retirement process until the balance is completely refunded. Using this option, it is estimated that the entire balance of capital credit will be retired over approximately 23 years, as determined by the Board of Directors discretion and business judgment. Debts owed by the former member to Delta Electric will be deducted from the general retirements.

Option 2 – Former members may request an early retirement of their allocated capital credits. An early retirement offers a one-time payment of capital credits on a discounted net-present-value basis. Debts owed by the former member to Delta Electric will be deducted from the early retirement amount. Why is Delta Electric offering an early retirement option? Pursuant to Mississippi law and Delta Electric’s bylaws, Delta Electric may retain a member’s capital credit allocation to meet the capital needs of the cooperative. Delta Electric recognizes that some former members may find it more convenient to receive their capital credits earlier and at a discounted rate rather than waiting to receive them through the general retirement process.

An early retirement will:

– Allow those receiving capital credits on behalf of deceased members to settle estates in a timely manner.

– Ensure funds are received. Although Delta Electric does attempt to ensure that former members who have moved outside of the service area receive their checks, sometimes former members do not keep their address current with Delta Electric. The early retirement option offers a convenient way to settle the account and receive a one-time payment, instead of several smaller payments over a period of time.What can I do to receive an early retirement of capital credits?

1. Inactive account holders who would like to have their capital credits paid early must fill out and have notarized either: (1) the Application for early capital credit retirement (for former members that have moved outside of Delta Electric’s service area with inactive accounts) OR (2) the Application for Decedent Patron’s Capital Credits (for former members that have passed away).

2. Former members that have moved outside of Delta Electric’s service area with inactive accounts must provide the date of last service and a copy of a photo ID. Those seeking to recover capital credits on behalf of a former member that has passed away must provide a death certificate. Additionally, the applicant must provide proof that they are the executor, administrator, or personal representative of the estate or, if no probate is necessary or contemplated, the applicant must provide affidavit(s) explaining their relationship to the decedent and providing the names of the heirs at law of the decedent.

3. The electric account must be closed before payment can be made. If you choose not to take advantage of this one-time payment, any future payments will be paid according to Delta Electric’s Bylaws as part of the general retirement process and sent to the last known address provided to Delta Electric. If you have any further questions about the early retirement option presented here, please call 662-453-6352 or send an email to